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California Earthquake Records

California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a not-for-profit, privately funded, publicly managed organization that provides residential earthquake insurance and encourages Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake losses.

With California Earthquake Authority’s (CEA) new, more flexible homeowners earthquake insurance policy choices, you can choose the options that meet your needs and your budget.

Strong Motion Instrumentation Program : Strong Motion Data & Internet Quick Reports. The California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) records the strong shaking of the ground and structures during California earthquakes.

Cal OES Divisions > Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcano Programs > California Earthquake Early Warning Program

California Public Records are incredibly accessible with modern computerization and the Internet these days. Just have to pick a legitimate source.

California Seismic Safety Commission - State of California. Shake Out California. What is Shake Out? The Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) organizes California's annual statewide earthquake drill, with more than 11.4 million participants.

Shows addresses on where to retrieve California Marriage Records today. Also shares tips on how to select a legitimate online record provider.

San Francisco Earthquake, 1906: This earthquake is one of the most devastating in the history of California. The earthquake and resulting fires caused an estimated 3,000 deaths and $524 million in property loss.

Search Assessor and Property Tax Records Records in California}.

Earthquake Preparedness. Preparedness refers to activities we do prior to an earthquake to be ready to respond to and recover from significant ground shaking.

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The Hayward Fault:Hazards

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