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Earthquake Of 1812

The 1811–1812 earthquakes The three earthquakes and their major aftershocks. December 16, 1811, 0815 UTC (2:15 a.m.); (M 7.5–7.9) epicenter in northeast Arkansas. It caused only slight damage to manmade structures, mainly because of the sparse population in the epicentral area.

The 1812 San Juan Capistrano earthquake, also known as the Wrightwood earthquake, occurred on December 8 at 15:00 UTC in Alta California. At the time, this was a colonial territory of the Spanish Empire.

The first and second earthquakes occurred in Arkansas (December 16, 1811 - two shocks - Mfa 7.2, MSn 8.5 and Mfa 7.0, MSn 8.0) and the third and fourth in Missouri (January 23, 1812, Mfa 7.1, MSn 8.4; and February 7, 1812, Mfa 7.4, MSn 8.8).

Summary of 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes Sequence A Sequence of Three Main Shocks in 1811-1812 This sequence of three very large earthquakes is usually referred to as the New Madrid earthquakes, after the Missouri town that was the largest settlement on the Mississippi River between St. Louis, Missouri and Natchez, Mississippi.

New Madrid earthquakes of 1811–12, series of three large earthquakes that occurred near New Madrid, Missouri, between December 1811 and February 1812. There were thousands of aftershocks, of which 1,874 were large enough to be felt in Louisville, Kentucky, about 190 miles (300 km) away.

On this day in History, Earthquake causes fluvial tsunami in Mississippi on Feb 07, 1812. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Intermittent strong shaking continued through March 1812 and aftershocks strong enough to be felt occurred through the year 1817. The initial earthquake of December 16 was followed by two other principal shocks, one on January 23, 1812, and the other on February 7, 1812.

The December 21, 1812 Earthquake. Another damaging earthquake occurred in southern California in the month of December, 1812, potentially triggered by the Wrightwood quake two weeks earlier that month. The epicenter of this one, too, is of uncertain location.

The Great Midwest Earthquake of 1811 Two hundred years ago, a series of powerful temblors devastated what is now Missouri. Could it happen again?

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Earthquake Of 1812

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Earthquake Of 1812 The 1811–12 New Madrid earthquakes were an intense intraplate earthquake series beginning with an initial earthquake of moment magnitude 7.5–7.9 on December 16 … On this day in History, Earthquake causes fluvial tsunami in Mississippi on Feb 07, 1812. Learn more about what happened today on History. This documentary tells the story […]

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Earthquake Today Arkansas A 3.6-magnitude earthquake rattled parts of Arkansas and surrounding states early Sunday. Activity 4: Locating an Earthquake Epicenter Examining Seismograms The three basic types of seismic wave generated The New Madrid Earthquakes took place between December 1811 and April 1812 along an active fault line that extends roughly from Marked Tree (Poinsett […]