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Evie Clair Dad

Evie Clair's dad couldn't see his daughter's live America's Got Talent performance because he's in the hospital during the final stages of cancer.

America's Got Talent finalist Evie Clair, who has dedicated all her performances to her father, tragically lost him to cancer, just ahead of the finals.

Evie Clair's journey on America's Got Talent reached an emotional apex on the first night of the finals on Tuesday following the death of her father two weeks ago ...

AGT finalist Evie Clair's dad Amos Dean Abplanalp has died. Get to know more about her father and his cancer battle.

Evie Clair lost her father to stage 4 colon cancer on September 7, 2017. Only days later, she dedicated her final emotional performance to him.

Evie Clair dedicated her singing on "America's Got Talent" to her father who was suffering from cancer. Sadly, her dad has died before the finale.

Evie Clair’s epic adventures on America’s Got Talent Season 12 have come to an end. She made amazing friends, inspired many, held to what she believes, said ...

"America's Got Talent" contestant Evie Clair's dad has passed away.

Evie Clair is mourning the death of her father, who was the inspiration for her journey on this season's "America's Got Talent." Amos Abplanalp died on Thursday.

News EXCLUSIVE: Evie Clair On Finding the Strength to Perform in 'AGT' Finals: 'I Know My Dad Was There'

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Evie Clair Dad

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Evie Clair Dad Evie Clair had a difficult time watching last night’s Judge Cut episode since it was filmed weeks ago and her dad has become noticeabley frail since then. Semi-Finals – Evie Clair – Evie Clair. Evie Clair poured her heart out Tuesday night with the song “Yours” by Ella Henderson for the […]

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